Findlay Township Municipal Authority Awarded Low-Interest Loan, Says Gaydos

Jul. 17, 2024 /

HARRISBURG - Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) is pleased to announce the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (PENNVEST) has awarded a low-interest loan of more than $4.9 million to the Findlay Township Municipal Authority. This funding will be used to upgrade the wastewater treatment plant, ensuring the continued efficiency and reliability of the wastewater system serving the community.

Gaydos Supports State Budget But Says We Can Do Better

Jul. 11, 2024 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) issued the following statement regarding her affirmative vote on the fiscal year 2024-25 state budget. The budget spends $47.6 billion, increasing state appropriations by nearly 6% over the previous year.

Gaydos Announces School Safety Grants for 44th District

Apr. 30, 2024 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) announced today the School Safety and Security Committee (SSSC) approved approximately $1.56 million in grants to improve safety and security for students and staff at schools across the 44th Legislative District.

Gaydos, Benham to Discuss Legislation to Protect Pharmacies, Residents Who Depend on Prescription Drugs

Apr. 22, 2024 /

WHAT: Reps. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) and Jessica Benham (D-Allegheny) will hold a press conference to discuss House Bill 1993, bipartisan legislation that would direct the Pennsylvania Insurance Department to develop a process for hearing and resolving pharmacy complaints against a Pennsylvania Benefit Manager (PBM). The bill they have introduced would also limit or ban several practices by PBMs, including patient steering, spread pricing and retroactive recoupment of money paid by the PBM to the pharmacy.

Gaydos Announces More Than $678,000 in Funding for Communities in the 44th District

Mar. 26, 2024 /

HARRISBURG – Communities in the 44th Legislative District will receive some much-needed state funding for infrastructure. Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) today announced Moon and Crescent townships will receive a combined $678,100 in funding from the Multimodal Transportation Fund Program after the Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) approved the financial request.

Gaydos: Governor’s Budget is a Spending Spree with Your Money

Feb. 06, 2024 /

HARRISBURG – Gov. Josh Shapiro today presented his $48.34 billion state budget proposal to the General Assembly, which is an increase in state appropriations of $3.7 billion or 8.4% over the current fiscal year. This amount far surpasses the current rate of inflation. Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) issued the following response to the governor’s proposal.

Gaydos Votes Against Adding More Debt to the Commonwealth’s Pension System

Nov. 16, 2023 /

HARRISBURG – In her commitment to fiscal responsibility, Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) voted against legislation that would significantly increase the already unsustainable state’s pension fund liability by enhancing retirement benefits for state employees and teachers who retired before July 1, 2001.

Gaydos Voter Motor Efficiency Bill More Vital Than Ever After Shapiro Action

Sep. 25, 2023 /

HARRISBURG – In light of the governor’s recent announcement to implement an automatic voter registration when Commonwealth residents obtain or renew a PennDOT driver’s license or photo identification card, Rep. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) today called on the House to act on her bill to automatically interconnect all state agency data and information collection and services so that records match, government can operate more efficiently and citizens may get the most of the government for which they pay.

Gaydos, Kinkead Hear from Constituents Concerning Assistance for Landslide-Prone Victims

Sep. 21, 2023 /

HARRISBURG – During a town hall meeting on Wednesday in Sewickley, Allegheny County, state Reps. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) and Emily Kinkead (D-Allegheny) discussed their legislation to create a new insurance program for homeowners living in landslide-prone areas, as well as assistance to local governments that wish to mitigate the risk of landslides within their communities.

Gaydos, Kinkead to Host Town Hall Meeting on Proposed Landslide Legislation

Sep. 19, 2023 /

WHAT: Reps. Valerie Gaydos (R-Allegheny) and Emily Kinkead (D-Allegheny) will be hosting a town hall meeting to discuss proposed legislation that would create a new insurance program for homeowners living in landslide-prone areas, as well as assist local governments that wish to mitigate the risk of landslides within their communities.